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We are all fascinated by fresh and green lawns and landscapes. If there’s anything you don’t like in your current yard and want to completely change its layout, you will need to use the services of a professional landscape designer. Consider NJ Shore Landscaping for your next landscaping or hardscaping project. Our company specializes in front yard & backyard landscaping, and many other things briefly described below.

Our Services

Landscape Design
Our landscaping contractor offers adequate landscape design services in Brick Township, NJ. While adding a few potted plants helps improve the look of your yard, the value of landscape design lies beyond aesthetic improvements. While landscaping tasks are vital for a healthy and beautiful outdoor space, it's important to stay on top of landscape maintenance with our quality services. We will create your private oasis by treating problems like soil erosion and yard flooding, etc.

Planting & Mulching

Planting & Mulching
Do you need new grass, flowers, and shrubbery in your yard? Our technicians can suggest the best varieties for your yard and climate specifics. After we plant them, we will then add mulch to enhance the quality of the soil and your plants' proper growth. Need new flower beds? We can do that, too. Just share your wishes, and we will remove and add new items to your garden to make it look awesome.

Sod Installation

Sod Installation
If your current lawn looks tired, our landscaping company can change that in an instant. We install sod, which will change the entire look of your property. After our team measures the area and discuss different types of sod with you, we will deliver the exact amount on the appointed day and install it precisely and correctly. Make all your neighbors envious with our professional sod installation services.

Pavers & Stonework

Pavers & Stonework
Our skilled technicians work with pavers and natural stone to create eye-catching structures and patterns in your yard. Whether you want to have a new driveway, walkways, outdoor steps, or a fountain in the middle of the garden, we will realize all your dreams. Our stonework is a part of your hardscaping services that we take so much pride in delivering. We can lay beautiful and long-lasting pavements.

Shrub Trimming & Yard Cleanups

Shrub Trimming & Yard Cleanups
Utilizing the right tools and equipment, our team can perform professional shrub trimming. We will take care of the appearance and health of your shrubbery and hedges with regular trimming. Remember that this is a vital part of their maintenance. After that job, we will remove all the accumulated dirt and debris in the yard, leaving it neat and beautiful. You can capitalize on our outstanding yard cleanup services all-year-round.

Excavating & Grading

Excavating & Grading
Our company possesses the necessary heavy-duty equipment to excavate and grade plots of land, as well. You can hire our trained and experienced crew for excavating projects of any size. Be sure to specify the scope of your job, and we will excavate the ground to the depth and grade it afterward, taking care of the necessary slope. 

So Many Things to Gain

When you have a large property, it can be a challenge to create private areas where your neighbors cannot see. However, our landscape design service makes it possible to break up even a large yard into secluded yet inviting areas. We provide front yard landscaping services that will make the whole place look amazing. We can help you create an outdoor living place framed by trees, shrubs, or other plants to block out the noise of the neighborhood. The design will take into consideration how you plan to use the space and create the perfect environment and backdrop for your needs.

Great Methods

Outline your unique desires, and we will do our best to fulfill them all. Our trustworthy landscape design company will be in charge of your project, and we will only leave your home after you are 100% satisfied with the final result. Ongoing maintenance is essential for healthy plants and trees. Implementing the right working techniques, we know how to remove weeds, mulch your garden, and boost the curb appeal of your property.

Dare to plan your next landscaping or hardscaping project with our help. Give our professionals from NJ Shore Landscaping a call today. We operate in Brick Township, NJ.

Colleen Paul
Colleen Paul
Nj shore landscaping did a beautiful job on our patio. They were on time and very clean. We love our design and the papers the suggested.very happy
Michael Bittel
Michael Bittel

Client’s Testimonial

by Karen-Ann L. on NJ Shore Landscaping

Our home is now a beautiful place, and we are no longer ashamed when we invite friends over. The plants look fresh and crisp, and the grass is lush, as well. Thanks to your professional landscaping contractor, we realized all our dreams. Thank you very much!

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