Turn to Our Trusted Landscaping Contractor to Get Impeccable Mulching Services!

Not all types of mulches are created equal! You must pick the right mulch perfect for the environment and your plants to thrive. Usually seen ones, like grass clippings, don’t have enough nutrients that support your vegetation. By contrast, organic mulches, such as shredded leaves and straws, contain more nutrients that are perfect for your plants’ needs. However, there are times when you need to apply inorganic mulch, and that’s when your soil quality is too poor. That’s why it’s best to rely on a trusted landscaping contractor like NJ Shore Landscaping. We provide exemplary mulching services to homeowners and businesses in the Brick Township, NJ area that you can easily avail of.

Why Mulch Your Lawn

A properly mulched lawn is what you need to achieve a well-manicured lawn. Not only does mulching beautifies your landscape, but it also improves soil quality by providing a protective covering. It keeps moisture and soil erosion to a minimum, preventing the loss of soil nutrients. Mulches retain water, so they make perfect insulators. That said, the more water that’s stored, the less potential damage there is to your landscaping. Mulching also aids in the control of weeds, pests, and diseases by blocking the sunlight that weeds and bugs need to survive. To get your desired mulching services, consider working with a professional landscaper like us.

Let Us Mulch Your Landscape!

Our mulching services utilize the right mulch that’s beneficial for your landscape. We can guarantee that we only use high-quality products for your project. We source our mulch from trusted suppliers renowned for their quality and affordability. We’ll check the quality of the soil and determine the type of mulch ideal for your area. Our mulching services will also incorporate the appropriate methods to ensure that the mulch is applied well to your landscape.

If you require efficient mulch services in Brick Township, NJ, hire a trusted landscaping contractor like NJ Shore Landscaping. For more inquiries and reservations, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (732) 607-8003 today!

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